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Software engineers – Open banking

We are looking for software engineers to join us in building DNB’s Open Bank

The game of banking is changing, and DNB Open Bank is invited to contribute to defining the future of financial services. Banking services has traditionally been closed and non-transparent. We are here to change that by creating openness in financial services and participating in continuous development and creation of new products and services together with our community. The DNB Open Bank team’s ambition is to deliver a superior developer experience with access to DNBs APIs and developer platform.

Your responsibilities

You will be joining a dedicated team responsible for developing, delivering and maintaining DNB’s external APIs, as well as the developer portal. This includes, but is not limited to, onboarding of developers, customer ID, billing, payment, building a vibrant community, and more. Depending on your skills, passion and our ambitions, you will be able to define where you can contribute the most. As we are just getting started you will also play an important role in defining and implementing the technology stack for DNBs Open Banking platform.

You should apply if:

  • You are a doer with passion for delivering great products and services with technology
  • You have an experimental mindset and are interested in solving problems in this new area of financial services, adding your flavor to the latest trends in the technology, development and design community
  • You have several years of experience with software development
  • You can demonstrate your skill-set by prior work or through a portfolio
  • You are comfortable with changing requirements, self-imposed deadlines and in close interaction with our developer community
  • You effectively make trade-offs between new features, system complexity, and scalability. You’re comfortable with balancing shipping early and iterating with the need for stability and robustness in core banking services
  • You are experienced with one or more general purpose programming languages like Java, C/C#, Python  and JavaScript (with React or Vue in particular), Node.js, Amazon Web Services, Git, DevOps, Continuous Integration and deployment, and test automation
  • You want to contribute in defining and implementing the technology stack for DNBs Open Banking platform
  • You want to run what you build in the cloud on Amazon Web Services
  • You care deeply about building an inclusive and diverse culture in which everyone can succeed


We are looking for a handful of people to cover multiple disciplines. Get in touch if you want to continue developing your skills! If you care deeply about your existing tribe and want to discuss an option to join us as a team, we are open to understand more of the competency areas and skills you as a team represent.           


Things we care about

Curiosity – The game of banking is changing and we are invited to contribute to define the future of financial services.  Ideally you have an experimental mindset and are interested in solving pain points for our customers. We encourage you to add your own flavor to this new field of financial services, and to drive the latest trends in the development/design community.

Great developer experience – We do not compromise on the product! This is at the core of what we do and how we work. Banking services have been closed and proprietary in the past. We are here to create openness, continuous development and participate in creating new and exciting products and services together with our users.

We are honest and dedicated – We are still in the early days. We do not have any real users yet, and there are more questions than answers as to what we will become. Our ambition is to define our path together with the community that shows interest in our services. Our backlog and plans will be defined together with customers and partners. If we experience breakdowns, we will do our best to describe what went wrong, and if we are on to something good we will be loud as well.

Responsible – We decided from day one that an important part of our mission should be to accelerate initiatives with a clear emphasis on UN sustainable development goals. We also care about how we can minimize our impact on the environment, and we will track our carbon footprint and conclude on how to mitigate and offset our carbon emissions.

Meet some of our team members already in place:

We offer, among other things:

Competitive terms, a strong academic environment within the field of technology and good career opportunities. In addition to this we offer good pension conditions, employee terms on DNB’s products, insurance schemes, resorts in Norway and abroad, sports, cultural and other activities plus a range of discount schemes.

Questions about the position? Contact one of our employees with contact info here in the ad and we will respond as quickly as possible.

For questions about the process, tech recruiter Ole-Anders Wilhelmsen is at your service at /

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